Alliance and Leicester PPI Claims

Alliance and Leicester PPI ClaimsThe Alliance & Leicester bank has now been taken over by Santander, the global banking Spanish giant that has itself been in the news recently due to the banking crisis in Spain.

Years ago, the Alliance & Leicester was highly successful bank which operated in the UK with branches up and down the country.

You may be surprised to know that the building society was formed in 1985 when the Alliance Building Society and Leicester Building Society joined forces and merged, full transitional status to bank completed in 1997 when the business was floated on the London stock exchange.

The Alliance & Leicester is like many of the high street banks which is currently being pursued by existing and ex-customers who feel they have been wrongly sold PPI over the last few years. There is a confirmed period of January 2005 to the end of 2007 where there was in fact over 200,000 PPI policies mis-sold to Alliance & Leicester customers.

The actual detail of Alliance & Leicester PPI claims relate to personal loans that were issued with PPI included at an average value of over £1000, like many other financial service providers it has been declared that these payment protection insurance policies were in fact mis-sold and now customers can reclaim back money owed to them by a compensation package.

A&L PPI claims are being sought by thousands of people and unfortunately the Alliance & Leicester were amongst the worst culprits of mis-selling payment protection insurance to their customers. Even the FSA director of enforcement, M. Cole was quoted as saying that the A&L were in serious breach of UK law and must pay back cash only to those people who took out loans and other finance agreements with the company.

How To claim for Alliance and Leicester PPI

If you think you are entitled to compensation via a Alliance & Leicester PPI claim then you can visit any branch in your local area which is now called Santander or write to the Alliance & Leicester at the below address which is in image format to get your PPI claim started. You can also telephone the company or user PPI claims company to do all the work for you, please bear in mind that they will take a final percentage cut of the final amount you receive. Many people choose to make their own Alliance & Leicester payment protection insurance claim so they can receive the full amount without having to pay any fees or commissions to PPI claims companies.

Before you make an Alliance & Leicester PPI claim make sure you are probably prepared, this includes having written proof of the PPI that was mis-sold to you, this can be found on the loan agreement other financial statement.

There are strict rules on how your case should be dealt with, the Alliance and Leicester have only a few weeks where they must reply back to your PPI claim and if there any time you’re not happy with the speed of your A&L PPI claim can get in touch with the financial ombudsman you can speed the process up for you. Unfortunately it can take quite a few months for the money to be credited to your bank account but it seems that Alliance and Leicester PPI claims are amongst the easiest sort out the quick search should assist you even further in your quest to claim back money is owed to you through Santander and the Alliance & Leicester.