Barclaycard PPI Claims

Barclaycard PPI ClaimsIf you are looking for Barclaycard PPI claim success then this article can help you start the whole process of rightfully making a claim against Barclaycard which is one of the UK’s biggest credit providers. Barclaycard offers individuals and businesses credit card solutions and currently showcases various credit cards with differing APR rates on display at their official website.

Official information regarding to Barclaycard PPI claims is published on the website and they seem to be apologetic to their customers but this is probably only because like all the other credit service providers they have been found guilty of mis-selling PPI to their old and existing customers.

Remember, Barclaycard offer a whole range of financial services including mortgages, overdraft facilities, normal and platinum credit card services, store cards and loans and you may not even know that you have been sold to PPI through Barclaycard.

The best way to find out is to check your Barclaycard statements or any other documentation that was posted to when you took out your credit agreement. Barclaycard do not seem to have any information on their website about how to look for signs that Barclaycard were responsible for mis-selling you a PPI policy.

They advise you not to use a claims management company (CMC) and they claim that using a claims management company will not get your complaint sorted any faster that this is probably due to them not want to deal with claims management companies who will fight your case in order for you to win your money back, they will of course expect a fee which is payable on a winning result.

You can carry out a DIY PPI claim yourself to try and get your money back from Barclaycard and the FSA and financial ombudsman can help you in this matter.

How to Make a Barclaycard PPI Claim

Barclaycard will have to acknowledge your complaint against them in a matter of days and although it says on the website that they will make a decision after month many people have complained about the Barclaycard process with huge delays which frustrate many people. This is why a claims management company could be used to fight calls for you taking away the hassle of making a claim against Barclaycard regarding mis-sold PPI.

There is full Barclaycard contact information on this page if you would like to contact them direct with UK legislation in your favour they must respond to all complaints seriously. Unfortunately there are plenty of instances where people had to wait for many months in order to get their money paid into their bank accounts which is highly frustrating and simply not acceptable practice from one of the U.K.’s most trusted financial brands.

The problem with many mis-sold PPI claims including Barclaycard is that people will ask themselves “have I been mis-sold a Barclaycard PPI?” because most people will have two take out a loan any other credit agreement in order to buy a house, car, furniture and other high-priced item. It can be difficult to locate the necessary paperwork but a CMC or a DIY PPI claim against Barclaycard is not as difficult as you might think because plenty of other people have the same problem as you trying to claim back money owing including any extra interest charges.