Barclays PPI Claims

Barclays PPI ClaimsBarclays is one of the U.K.’s biggest banks offer customers many financial services including personal loans, credit cards, fixed rate and variable mortgages, ISAs, cashable savings, student accounts, mobile banking, investment opportunities and of course credit cards via their Barclaycard service.

Barclays PPI claims are one of the biggest in the UK and the company declared in 2011 that it would operate a no questions asked PPI refunds to all those people who were mis-sold a Barclays payment protection insurance policy.

The Guardian newspaper have a dedicated story relating to Barclays PPI claims and if you read the user comments below the article then this no questions asked PPI refunds offer from Barclays is not as straightforward as you may think it should be.

In fact, there are conditions attached which have caused further outrage amongst Barclays customers who feel they were mis-sold PPI would like to know how to claim back payment protection insurance compensation from Barclays.

You would have had to make a claim before 20 April 2011 and were it not to be settled, this is extremely frustrating for Barclays customers who would like a quicker response to their PPI claim. The financial ombudsman and the FSA have introduced a better working practice for people who want to claim back the mis-sold PPI.

The problem with banks and building societies who are as big as  Barclays is that they offer so many different types of loans and credit agreement services it can be difficult for people to find out if they have been mis-sold a Barclays payment protection insurance policy.

How to Claim for Barclays UK PPI

A Barclays PPI reclaim should in fact only take a few days than to acknowledge your complaint against them. Check your official documentation because PPI covers a whole host of repayment cover including unemployment, sickness, disability or accident cover.

There should be some detailed information on your payment statements about whether you have been paying back to Barclays PPI money. Barclays do provide a telephone number on their official website and they do include full contact information where you can telephone them, email or write to them. The problem is that there is a serious backlog of Barclays PPI claims and although they claim not to use a claims management company (CMC) your behalf this simply might be the best solution because they are experienced in all matters relating to PPI and have dealt with numerous claims against Barclays from people just like you who have been mis-sold PPI’s .

Barclays state on their official website that you will get paid within one month if they agree to your PPI claim, but if you look on the internet there are many instances where people are simply not happy with the service of Barclays are providing to their long-standing customers feel they have been conned out of their money because they took out a payment protection policy when they didn’t need to or to make matters worse they didn’t even know they had a PPI through Barclays in the first place.

In fairness to Barclays they are taking all PPI claims seriously and have began to work through the current backlog and although deadlines are sometimes forced back, claimants can be assured that this reputable bank  will deal with your PPI claim against them.