Black Horse PPI Claims

This webpage offers help and advice relating to Black Horse PPI claims. If you feel you were mis-sold a PPI from Black Horse Ltd please read on for further information on how to claim back money owing to you.

Black Horse PPI ClaimsBlack Horse is one of the biggest finance service providers in the UK who offer thousands of people loans, mortgages and other credit so they can buy their own home, motorcycle, car, caravan and any other high priced item. Black Horse Ltd is a registered Company and have recently been in the news due to them having to pay back money to their customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance and with them being a high-profile case there is plenty of information on the internet regarding the best ways to claim compensation and cash back from the company.

Unfortunately like many other PPI claims there is plenty of misinformation published on the internet relating to the best way to claim. Black Horse does provide contact information on their website but even so there is no guarantee that after phoning up or emailing the Black Horse PPI claims department that you will get the required response.

There have been many cases where people have had to wait many weeks and months for a simple reply back, this is simply unacceptable and the FSA have now introduced strict guidelines for companies like Black Horse finance where they must respond in five weeks to complaints from their old customers who wish to make a claim against the company.

How to make a PPI claim against Black Horse?

You have basically three options if you would like to claim against Black Horse for false PPI selling. If you have taking out a loan, mortgage or other credit agreement with them and are unsure whether you are eligible to claim then the first thing you should do is check the paperwork that came with your Black Horse finance agreement. There should be some information on there to indicate whether you have a payment protection insurance policy with them.

If you have proof that you were sold a payment protection insurance policy than the first thing you should do is contact Black Horse direct. We have included the full contact details on this webpage so you can simply phoned them or write to them at their official address. If after contact them you are not happy with the response they gave you or feel like they were not taking you seriously you can go to the financial ombudsman with your case and they can speed up the process for you.

You can of course use a PPI claims management company who deal with these cases every day and will know how to claim back your Black Horse PPI policy. The disadvantage with using a payment protection insurance company is that they will charge you a fee, most will offer you a no win no fee agreement that the simple truth is that as long as you have written proof that you were sold a PPI from Black Horse you’re almost guaranteed a cash payout. Your final option is make a claim yourself and this done by performing a DIY PPI claim.