Capital One PPI Claims

Capital One PPI ClaimsCapital One is the leading credit card company based in Nottingham, UK. They provide a full credit card service for individuals and businesses with competitive rates and good customer support. Capital One PPI claims seem to be further compounded with the complicated questionnaire that the company requires everybody to fill out in order to get their mis-sold PPI claim started.

There is a template you can use in order to speed up your PPI claim against Capital One. Many people have found success using these templates, all you have to do is fill in the blank details with your own information which you can find on the written documentation regarding a loan or credit card agreement taken out with Capital One.

You can of course go direct to the official Capital One website where there is a dedicated page related to payment protection insurance with an extensive FAQ section which seems to be much the same as all the other big financial companies who are required to pay back millions of pounds in mis-sold PPI claims.

You do not need to worry about how far back you were paying mis-sold PPI to Capital One as they are required to pay back all mis-sold PPI no matter how far back your loan was with them. Credit card payments are also included so you would need to check your credit card statements to see if you are eligible to claim back compensation. There are dedicated forums on the internet that seemed to help people claim back mis-sold PPI but you must be careful as many of these forums are simply sales vehicles for PPI claims management companies and they will receive commission if you sign up with them via their website.

How to Claim Back Mis-Sold Capital One PPI?

The process is not simple and many people opt to use a claims management company to get back their money, many independent financial advisers and watchdog groups will tell you not to use a CMC as the process is fairly simple and you could perform a DIY PPI claim but the problem is by going direct to Capital One you are often placed at the bottom of the queue and left waiting for somebody to deal with your query.

By law all mis-sold payment protection insurance must be responded to within a certain amount of days, the full process is listed on the Capital One website and if you’re not happy with the response you can indeed complain about the response time, after all it is your money they have taken and UK government law stipulates they must take your case seriously and deal with your mis sold PPI claim in a timely manner.

We have included the full contact address for Capital One in the photograph above, this way you have the option of going to them direct with your PPI claim – they will send you an acknowledgement received as soon as they receive your complaint detailing your case and claim to deal with your mis-sold claim within eight weeks in which they will carry out a detailed investigation.

You can of course take out a DIY PPI claim against CapitalOne concerning a mis-sold PPI. If you are not confident with dealing with people over the phone or struggle with confidence and may be the best solution would be to get in touch with a claims management company.