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Co-op Bank PPI Claims

The Co-op Bank has been in trouble for delaying payments in relation to mis-sold PPI claims. The industry watchdog, FSA has fined the UK based bank over £100,000 in what they see as unnecessary delays concerning payment to people who have successfully won their cases against the Co-operative bank. In total, over 1,500 Co-op PPI […]

Nationwide PPI Claims

The Nationwide building society is the third largest provider in the UK and the second largest personal savings provider. The company currently provides current accounts, savings accounts, ISA’s, investment bonds, loans, credit cards, mortgages and insurance. Nationwide PPI claims are directed at three products which include mortgage cover, personal loan cover and credit card cover. […]

Mint PPI Claims

Did you know that Mint credit cards is a subdivision of the Royal Bank Of Scotland and provides not only credit cards to  UK customers but also home insurance, car insurance, and unsecured loans but towards the end of 2012 they are no longer taking on any new business. For people that are searching for […]


The MBNA credit card is provided by an American financial service company which was founded in 1982. The company is the largest credit card lender that is independently owned and offers a whole range of credit cards to UK customers. MBNA PPI claims can be associated with platinum credit cards, life credit cards, football credit […]

Marks and Spencer PPI Claims

Marks & Spencer is the leading UK retail shop that has over 20 million people buying their products and services each week. Not only do Marks & Spencer provide high quality fashion and homeware, but today so have an extensive range of financial services. These include store cards, credit cards, loans, savings and investment opportunities […]

Lombard Direct PPI Claims

Lombard Direct do not currently issue loans to new customers. This company is now part of the Royal Bank Of Scotland group so if you are thinking of filing a Lombard Direct PPI claim then we have included the new address for you right here on this Lombard PPI informational  webpage. Although Lombard Direct do […]

Lloyds TSB PPI Claims

The Lloyds banking group is the biggest in the UK consisting of the Black Horse, Cardnet, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Wholesale banking, Scottish Widows and Lloyds share dealing. You may be looking to find out if you can start a Lloyds TSB PPI claim where the banke has admitted it mis-sold payment protection insurance policies to […]


The HSBC is the London based financial services organisation with nearly 8000 offices dotted all around the world but it is the HSBC PPI claims that have recently hit the news where many people across the UK have loans, mortgages and other credit agreements with the HSBC are now entitled to claim back millions of […]

HFC Bank PPI Claims

The HFC bank is now a member of the HSBC group, which in turn is a huge banking organisation that boasts over 20 million customers in nearly hundred countries worldwide. HFC bank PPI claims are on the up because many people were mis-sold payment protection insurance policies dating back several years and if you visit […]

Halifax PPI Claims

The Halifax is the U.K.’s biggest building society and boasts the largest number of housing mortgages and saver accounts. Since 1853 the Halifax has built up a brand name of trust and authority within the UK financial market. Today, the Halifax is under pressure to pay back mis-sold PPI to thousands of their own customers […]

First Plus PPI Claims

First Plus concentrates on providing homeowners loans that competitive rates. The website has a link to their own webpage where you can find out about claiming for mis-sold First Plus PPI. Thousands of customers in the UK have the right to reclaim back money owing to them because loan company such as First Plus […]

First Direct PPI Claims

First Direct is the online based banking company that must repay back mis-sold PPI. Today, they offer many different types of financial services including internet banking, mobile banking, text message banking, telephone banking, personal loans, credit cards, gold cards, fixed rate and bonus savings accounts, child trust funds, sharedealing services, insurance and travel currency. If […]

Egg PPI Claims is a financial service website that is now trading as the Yorkshire building society and currently offers UK consumers several different types financial products including banking, investing and insurance policies. Egg PPI claims have risen in recent months due to the heightened publicity over the whole payment protection insurance mis-selling saga. There are thousands […]

Direct Line PPI Claims

You may think that Direct Line only deal with insurance services for cars vans and businesses but in fact the company also acted as a financial credit provider issuing thousands of loans to people before being taken over by the RBS. Direct Line PPI claims are certainly rising with many people now checking their  loan […]

Clydesdale Bank PPI Claims

Clydesdale Bank is the long established high-street bank that was first started in 1838. The company boasts a global customer base of nearly 8,000,000 people and if you visit the website at soon discover that this company provides a whole host of financial and banking services for businesses and personal use. Clydesdale bank PPI […]

CitiFinancial PPI Claims

CitiFinancial is no longer trading under this name in regards to offering new loans to new customers so there is some difficulty for people who wish to take out a CitiFinancial PPI claim against the company. From the middle of May, 2012 everybody who has had a loan with Citi Financial should have been transferred […]

Central Trust PPI Claims

Central Trust is a UK secured loan provider and have been offering loans to UK consumers for over 20 years. The official website has up to date information on the services provided and there seems to be a real lack of information concerning Central Trust PPI claims which many people are entitled to claim back […]

Capital One PPI Claims

Capital One is the leading credit card company based in Nottingham, UK. They provide a full credit card service for individuals and businesses with competitive rates and good customer support. Capital One PPI claims seem to be further compounded with the complicated questionnaire that the company requires everybody to fill out in order to get […]

Cahoot PPI Claims

Cahoot bank which provides the full online banking service and other financial services including home insurance, mobile banking and credit card services is now part of the Santander banking group. It seems to be very difficult to find out any information on the official website regarding Cahoot PPI claims in which there are thousands of […]

Black Horse PPI Claims

This webpage offers help and advice relating to Black Horse PPI claims. If you feel you were mis-sold a PPI from Black Horse Ltd please read on for further information on how to claim back money owing to you. Black Horse is one of the biggest finance service providers in the UK who offer thousands […]

Beneficial Finance PPI Claims

Beneficial Finance is no longer trading as this name and their branches across the UK  closed down in  2009, if you search online for beneficial Finance you will soon be redirected to the HSBC group website and this is where you find out further information relating to Beneficial Finance PPI claims. The company is now […]

Barclays PPI Claims

Barclays is one of the U.K.’s biggest banks offer customers many financial services including personal loans, credit cards, fixed rate and variable mortgages, ISAs, cashable savings, student accounts, mobile banking, investment opportunities and of course credit cards via their Barclaycard service. Barclays PPI claims are one of the biggest in the UK and the company […]

Barclaycard PPI Claims

If you are looking for Barclaycard PPI claim success then this article can help you start the whole process of rightfully making a claim against Barclaycard which is one of the UK’s biggest credit providers. Barclaycard offers individuals and businesses credit card solutions and currently showcases various credit cards with differing APR rates on display […]

Alliance and Leicester PPI Claims

The Alliance & Leicester bank has now been taken over by Santander, the global banking Spanish giant that has itself been in the news recently due to the banking crisis in Spain. Years ago, the Alliance & Leicester was highly successful bank which operated in the UK with branches up and down the country. You […]