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PPI Claims Made Simple

If the thought of claiming back payment protection insurance fills your mind with dread then you are not alone, it is estimated that there are still hundreds of thousands of people from the UK who have still not claimed back PPI even though they could be owed thousands of pounds. Are you one of those […]

PPI Claims Forums

For some people, it can be really difficult to find impartial advice (including ppi claims forums) on how to start a PPI claim procedure, the constant bombardment of TV advertising campaigns, unsolicited SMS messages, radio adverts and annoying cold calling from claims management companies has certainly put off many people who have a rightful claim […]

PPI on Mortgages – How to Claim?

Most of us from a young age dream of owning our own home, in order to do this the vast majority of people in the UK will need to take out a long-term loan and this is called a mortgage. Mortgages require long-term commitment as some can take up to 25 years to pay off. […]

No Win No Fee PPI Claims

It may be tempting to try out one of no win no fee PPI claims companies (CMC) but before you do you should perform due diligence in relation to the final amount you will have to pay. Although many no win no fee PPI claim companies state that there will be no upfront fees to […]

PPI Claims Letter Template

It can be difficult for some people to plan ahead when it comes to claiming payment protection insurance, if you decide to perform the claim yourself which is called a DIY PPI claim then you must prepare and write the first point of contact letter which is addressed to the bank, building society or finance […]

How Far Back Can I Reclaim PPI?

There is certainly a whole host of information regarding payment protection insurance policies on the internet and it can be sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction. One thing is for sure there are many people asking the same question which is “how far back can I reclaim PPI?”. Firstly, what you need to do […]