Central Trust PPI Claims

Central Trust PPI ClaimsCentral Trust is a UK secured loan provider and have been offering loans to UK consumers for over 20 years. The official website has up to date information on the services provided and there seems to be a real lack of information concerning Central Trust PPI claims which many people are entitled to claim back thousands of pounds owing to them for a mis-sold Central Trust PPI policy. Central Trust was also used by other day credit and finance companies to arrange specialist loan repayment plans UK consumers so you may not be aware that your actual mis-sold PPI policy was in fact registered  to Central Trust.

Just like all the other banks, building societies and credit loan companies there seems to be some difficulty in people claiming back money that is rightfully theirs, discussion blogs and forums indicate that many people are found to be obstructed by unfriendly staff and difficult questionnaires in order to slow the whole process down. If you are wondering whether you can claim from Central Trust for a mis-sold PPI then you can get in contact with them or failing that there are other routes you can go down in order for you to get your compensation.

We found the official website of CentralTrust.co.uk not helpful at all as there does not seem to be any information of people can find out how to make a PPI claim against them in which case you must start your claim by carefully preparing any documentation relating to any Central Trust loan agreement. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself including “did Central Trust sell me a PPI without me knowing?” or “did Central Trust salespeople pressurise me into taking out an extra policy which was in fact the PPI that I did not want or require?”.

How to Claim for Central Trust PPI?

Many people have successfully claimed against companies like Central Trust by using a predetermined template letter but whole process seems to be slow and cumbersome, if you have any problems relating to your mis-sold PPI claim that the best thing to do is to look on the Internet will get in touch with the financial ombudsman who can advise you further.

There are of course claims management companies who you can use if you’d like to go down this route and although many of the banks and building societies do not like people to use these companies sometimes it’s best course of action as they have dedicated staff who will fight the case for you. They will take quite a hefty fee though, so please bear in mind that you may lose up to 25% of your final PPI claim compensation amount.

If you would like to write to Central Trust yourself then please find details of their contact information on this website, some people prefer to perform a DIY PPI claim themselves in order to get the full amount, be prepared to wait for months for your claim to be sorted out and although there are strict rules and regulations which are regulated by the FSA it seems that many people are frustrated that their own money is still being held by loan finance companies which should in fact be transferred to their bank accounts.