CitiFinancial PPI Claims

 CitiFinancial PPI ClaimsCitiFinancial is no longer trading under this name in regards to offering new loans to new customers so there is some difficulty for people who wish to take out a CitiFinancial PPI claim against the company. From the middle of May, 2012 everybody who has had a loan with Citi Financial should have been transferred to a new loan provider. The people that have had a long standard loan or credit agreement with CitiFinancial and there is a process you can start in order to claim back the mis-sold PPI that you feel you might be entitled to.

The official website of CitiFinancial does not seem to have any relevant information on claiming back money including extra interest only for mis-sold payment protection insurance policy, there is however details that indicate that CitiFinancial no longer offer loan facilities so you have to dig a little deeper in finding out how to start a CitiFinancial PPI claim.

One of the best ways to get started is to check emails and/or printed documentation in relation to your CitiFinancial loan agreement which should indicate whether you have extra payments that you did not authorised attached to your credit agreement Рthis could include a payment protection insurance premium and if this is the case could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation because these finance companies including big mortgage, banking and loan service providers have no right in selling you payment protection insurance without fully explaining  what it is for and why you should be paying for it.

CitiFinancial is based in the UK and has good reputation so it should not be a problem claiming back your money, the only dilemma being that many consumers find it difficult in locating relevant documentation which could relate to a loan dating back several years. If this is the case then you can simply contact the FSA you will advise you further in the best course of action to take relating to a Citi Financial PPI claim.

You will have to fill out certain forms proving that you were in fact mis sold PPI but the good news is that CitiFinancial complaints department must respond back to you within a certain number of days stating that they are investigating your case or that they are rejecting your claim against them.

If they do reject your claim you feel this is unjust then you can take your claim to the financial ombudsman who will look at your case and decide whether you are entitled to compensation via a CitiFinancial PPI claims resolution.

How To Claim For A Citi Financial PPI That Was Mis-Sold To Me?

There will be an official CitiFinancial contact address for you to get your process started we have included this on this webpage so you can either write to them direct or telephone in which case they will respond to your claim within a few days detailing their response and whether they are going to carry out a thorough investigation into your CitiFinancial PPI claim.

You can do all this yourself by going direct to a claims management company or alternatively, search online for a PPI DIY template that you can send direct to the FSA who will judge your case on an individual basis.