Clydesdale Bank PPI Claims

Clydesdale Bank PPI ClaimsClydesdale Bank is the long established high-street bank that was first started in 1838. The company boasts a global customer base of nearly 8,000,000 people and if you visit the website at soon discover that this company provides a whole host of financial and banking services for businesses and personal use. Clydesdale bank PPI claims are more or less just like any other compensation process where thousands of people were miss sold payment protection insurance either through a personal loan, mortgage or any other credit agreement that may also have been negotiated by a third party such as a furniture company.

On first glance, it does not seem to be any information regarding Clydesdale bank PPI refund claims on the official website in fact it was quite difficult to find any official contact information link in order to help our web visitors get in touch with the claims department at Clydesdale bank. You can always go down to your local citizens advice bureau asked them what is the best course of action for claiming against the bank who you think might be liable for mis-selling a payment protection insurance policy to you even if it was done many years ago.

How To Claim A Clydesdale Bank PPI?

Although there is no doubt that Clydesdale bank is a responsible financial institution you must be well prepared and the first thing you should do when looking to start a Clydesdale bank PPI claim is to locate the loan or credit agreement you have taken out with. This might be difficult because if you have taken out a loan with them many years ago you might have mis-placed the hard copy or even paid back the final loan in total and therefore have no need to keep any of the relevant paperwork.

In this instance get in touch with Clydesdale bank PPI claims department and they should have record on file they will probably advise you to fill out an online questionnaire or they will email it to you. You can also request that they post this to your address, this my be best – that way you have definite proof and a clear plan claiming a refund for mis-sold PPI from Clydesdale bank.

Clydesdale bank have recently published a document claiming that they have closed nearly 7000 cases of complaints against them, this is in the period from April 2011 to the back end of 2011, there are however, many other complaints that have since been started against the company. If you feel you are in enttitled to claim money back in compensation from Clydesdale bank then you can contact the FSA you will advise you further and since 2011 the government has stipulated that all cases must be resolved within eight weeks so this is great news for consumers who feel they have wrongly been mis-sold payment protection insurance from small and large high-street banks and building societies alike including Clydesdale.

You can perform the whole process yourself, this is what some people do in order to claim the full refund PPI compensation amount but please bear in mind that this could take many weeks or even months before you see any real cash back into your bank account – the other alternative is to use a claims company but be aware that they charge huge commission rates on the final sum awarded to you.