Direct Line PPI Claims

You may think that Direct Line only deal with insurance services for cars vans and businesses but in fact the company also acted as a financial credit provider issuing thousands of loans to people before being taken over by the RBS. Direct Line PPI claims are certainly rising with many people now checking their  loan agreement paper work, even loans that have been paid back in full must be checked because many of them are also linked to mis-sold PPI that should not have been attached to these type of loans without the consumer knowing.

Direct Line is a household name in the UK that has a very good reputation but it seems to be very difficult to access any sort of contact information in relation to mis-sold PPI that this company is liable for. The best option is to go to the RBS website are now deal with all refund claims relating to Direct PPI claims, in fact many people have reported a severe difficulty in trying to rightfully claim back money owing to them via direct line PPI claims compensation package.

Direct Line PPIThe has upheld hundreds of thousands of complaints against banks and building societies and other credit finance companies view of charge people extra amount every month which is called PPI or payment protection insurance. We have finally found a contact address for the official Direct claims department in relation to all PPI complaints against the company which you can find at the top of this webpage. One of the best ways to claim against Direct Line financial services Limited is to fill out the form on the RBS website which is basically the same as the form on the financial ombudsman’s website. The amount owing to you depends on the monthly premium you are paying and for the length of the loan.

You need to check your Direct Line documents and credit agreement with them to see if you are eligible for PPI claim compensation. In the UK there is now strict government backed regulations which stipulate companies must pay back millions of pounds to customers that have been wrongly sold PPI and other unwanted finance bolt ons to their credit agreements.

How To Claim Back PPI Refund?

After checking your documents there should be some indication that the loan is connected to Direct Line this way you have concrete proof that this company was your credit provider. You can then proceed in contact them direct by writing to them at the above address or if you prefer, get in touch with a PPI claims middleman who can do all this for you. Claims management companies working on your behalf have a very good success rate but the whole process is quite simple and you could do all of it yourself which is called a DIY PPI claim. All you have to do is visit the FOS website will further instructions are provided but please be aware that you may have to wait a few months for your claim to be credited into your bank account.

These financial PPI refund claims against the bigger companies such as have been in the news a lot recently and this is because they are now strictly regulated due to UK laws concerning payment protection insurance.