Egg PPI Claims

Egg PPI is a financial service website that is now trading as the Yorkshire building society and currently offers UK consumers several different types financial products including banking, investing and insurance policies. Egg PPI claims have risen in recent months due to the heightened publicity over the whole payment protection insurance mis-selling saga. There are thousands of people who wish to reclaim from Egg as they were mis-sold PPI.

There is a link on the official Egg website on how to reclaim back mis-sold PPI, it is on the right hand side under the banking submenu. If you think you are owed money by Egg then you can either visit the official website to get in touch the compensation claims Department or use a claims management company can do all the work for you. Unfortunately, some people have  found it difficult to claim back money from Egg where they have taken out a loan, mortgage or other type of repayment financial service that included a PPI policy which is not needed or required and this is of course grounds to make a claim against Egg.Com.

At the moment Egg provide savings accounts, mortgages, cash ISAs, bonds (including fixed rate and guaranteed equity) to compliment other services including investments and motor, travel and home insurance for UK residents. There is a PPI consumer questionnaire on the official website and also a FAQ which is just like any other you can find on the Internet, basically there is a complaints procedure that you must follow in order for you to claim back Egg PPI.

The Egg card seems to be one of the most common causes of compensation claims which dates back to the beginning of the year 2000 and although these initial Egg PPI claims were very difficult to be successful, UK law has now beefed up UK consumer rights when it comes to claim back lost money through the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.

If you are looking to claim back often Egg credit card then you may have to get in touch with Barclaycard who have since purchased the egg card name transferred customers into the Barclaycard company. We have included the postal address for Egg write to them if you want to, alternatively you can get in touch with the financial ombudsman who can advise you further on the best way to reclaim Egg PPI.

How to Claim Back Egg PPI

Do not be deterred if you are rejected on your first point of call with them, they may well quote some consumer credit act’s in order to put you off, after all it is in their best interests not to pay out money where they do not need to. There have been instances where UK consumers have been sent letters by stating that they have no legal agreement with them but this does not stop you from making a claim against them, simply get in touch with the FOS or look to a claims management company who can fight your case for you.

The good news is that many people are in the same boat as you trying to get compensation back from Egg, they must respond to you within a certain amount of weeks and then decide further action to take in order to rightfully claim back lost Egg PPI.