First Plus PPI Claims

First Plus concentrates on providing homeowners loans that competitive rates. The website has a link to their own webpage where you can find out about claiming for mis-sold First Plus PPI. Thousands of customers in the UK have the right to reclaim back money owing to them because loan company such as First Plus mis-sold payment protection insurance.

In order to find out whether you can claim compensation cashback from First Plus you really should log on to their official website where there is a “learn more” link to their PPI claim section. The first piece of information you will see is an actual apology from First Plus that they mis-sold PPI to their customers. This has to be the first company to acknowledge that they behaved in a manner not fitting a reputable loan company, at least they have the decency to say sorry to their customers who were mis-sold PPI.

First Plus PPI ClaimsThe statement on the webpage insists that this company is determined to pay back UK customers all the money that they are entitled to, this includes mis-sold PPI on mortgages, overdraft facilities, store / credit cards and of course loans First Plus issued before 2008.

How to Claim PPI Compensation Against First Plus?

They do have a telephone number you can call that this is the usual 0845 number and of course you will be charged a premium rate for this, people have been known to wait a long time which just adds to the frustration of trying to get back your own money. The First Plus PPI claim procedure starts with you having to fill out a PPI questionnaire where you are required to enter as much information as you can, this is not your actual claim but a simple document aimed at helping First Plus decide whether you are legible to pursue your claim against them.

The company is based in Cardiff so if you live in Wales you may be better off taking a trip to see them in person, otherwise you have to do what everybody else does and that is to telephone them or claim online in order to get your PPI claim process as quickly as possible.

There is a short FAQ section on the website which states that they will acknowledge your complaint within five days, this is really important because if you do not hear back within this time period you should take your case to the FSO who can look into it further. Once they have had to your evidence to look at you will then receive a decision in just over one month, again if you do not hear from them you can always telephone the First Plus customer complaints Department who will be able to tell you the status of your PPI claim against the company.

This is what we call a DIY PPI claim where you basically fill out all the information yourself in the hope of receiving the full amount owed to you from First Plus. There is an alternative route you can go down and that is to use a website or claims company that is advertised on television that can carry out your claim for you, a no win no fee practice is the normal but be aware that you will be liable to pay these claims management companies are big lump sum after your settlement has been decided with so think long and hard before going down this road.