Gladstone Brookes PPI – Are They Good?

Gladstone Brookes in one the biggest PPI claims management companies in the UK has been in the news recently for being in trouble with The Advertising Standards Authority for misleading potential customers over their recent TV advertisement. Read more about that clicking here.

The Cheshire based company works on a 25% final fee commission basis and this only applies to winning PPI claims, even so 25% of a potential five or tens of thousands of pounds is quite a hefty sum, at least the company does not ask for any upfront fees so if you wish to take the hassle out of claiming for yourself letting a company like Gladstone Brookes might be a viable option for you.

As well as claiming for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance Gladstone Brookes website also states that their company will also go after further costs which could lead to an increase in compensation. This includes the full cost of the mis-sold policy, any extra interest payments due on the PPI policy, an 8% interest premium to be added on top and a bold statement that most claims are settled under 12 weeks but if you read discussion forums relating to Gladstone Brookes PPI then this could take longer.

The company provides a free 08000 telephone line for potential customers to use but before ringing them up we suggest you check out their online FAQ section which should help you in deciding whether you would like to pursue your claim with the Gladstone Brookes.

Gladstone Brookes PPI CompanyThis company has been advertising heavily on television and in 2012 have dealt with over 70,000 PPI claims so they will have plenty of experience in winning cases for UK claimants.

With over £100 million claimed in the first three quarter period of 2012 they have achieved some success in helping people reclaim mis-sold PPI with the highest single award being nearly £60,000 and when you take into account that Gladstone Brookes will take a quarter of this they are obviously making plenty of money for themselves.

The website also offers other PPI related financial services including a debt advice unit, PPI on credit cards, PPI on mortgages and has a webpage detailing all the banks, building societies and loan providers that they currently claim from which may be useful if you are searching for a particular company such as Halifax PPI, Egg, Lloyds TSB, Black Horse, Bradford & Bingley, American Express, Bank of Scotland, Alliance & Leicester, Abbey National and Barclays who all owe millions of pounds to UK consumers.

** update: it seems Gladstone Brookes has received mixed reviews and in 2012 was warned for mis-leading the public on their claims.
Be sure to get the latest, independent advice fro your local CAB office if in any doubt about using this PPI claims firm.