Halifax PPI Claims

The Halifax is the U.K.’s biggest building society and boasts the largest number of housing mortgages and saver accounts. Since 1853 the Halifax has built up a brand name of trust and authority within the UK financial market.

Today, the Halifax is under pressure to pay back mis-sold PPI to thousands of their own customers and since July 2010 Halifax no longer sells payment protection insurance policies to domestic and business clients.

Halifax PPI ClaimsIf you are interested in a Halifax PPI claim that there is information on the Halifax website where you can get your PPI complaint started, they also offer compensation if there are any delays in the processing of your Halifax PPI claim. This particular building society offers credit cards including the all in one credit card, clarity credit card, 17 month balance credit card and student credit card which could be liable for a PPI reclaim compensation deal.

The majority of people claiming back money off the Halifax will be doing so in relation to a mortgage or loan because these type of repayments typically last for many years you could be owed thousands of pounds in a Halifax PPI mis-sold claim.

How to reclaim Halifax PPI?

The first step you should take is to locate documentation that will have any kind of payment protection insurance details included. This may be on a monthly statement or the initial credit agreement, if you’re finding it difficult to find any proof that you were mis-sold a Halifax PPI then you can get in contact with them (Halifax PPI contact information is included on this website).

Halifax provide a 0845 telephone number that you can call that this of course is charged a premium rate and is only manned Monday to Friday. You can alternatively write to their PPI complaints Department to get the procedure started, there is an online questionnaire that you can complete which is provided by the FOS. This free download is the standard PPI reclaim document that all banks and building societies use in order to correctly process your details.

The Halifax website advises you not to use a claims management company even if it is regulated by the Ministry of Justice, they claim that your complaint will not be processed any quicker but many people have found these companies to be helpful as they take the stress away from dealing with such a matter which can be frustrating at the very least for people trying to get back money owing to them through no fault of their own.

Once you have sent back the PPI questionnaire to the Halifax they are obliged to get back to you within a few days acknowledging receipt of your complaint against them. They have a maximum of eight weeks to decide whether they are going to award you compensation and although this wait is highly frustrating for UK customers you can always contact the financial ombudsman who can advise you further on the best way to speed up your compensation claim.

You can of course perform a DIY PPI claim yourself and receive the full compensation amount and although you may have to wait longer for your money many people are finding plenty of good information on the internet on the best practice of pursuing a Halifax PPI claim.