HFC Bank PPI Claims

The HFC bank is now a member of the HSBC group, which in turn is a huge banking organisation that boasts over 20 million customers in nearly hundred countries worldwide. HFC bank PPI claims are on the up because many people were mis-sold payment protection insurance policies dating back several years and if you visit the HFC bank official website there is very little real information to help people who would like to get started reclaim back mis-sold PPI.

The vast majority of people would have taken a loan out with the HFC without even realising that payment protection insurance was a chargeable add-on, this is the basis of why people can now claim compensation from the high Street banks and loan providers. In the UK alone there are thousands of people who are now searching online to get in touch with the HFC bank PPI complaints department who would like to get started in their own compensation claim.

HFC Bank PPI ClaimsIf you search carefully you can find the relevant webpage on the hfcbank.co.uk website, this is basically a statement covering the background of payment protection insurance and why such company such as a the HFC must pay back UK consumers millions of pounds due to the mis-selling of PPI. There is a procedure that you must follow in order to be successful in your HFC bank PPI claim.

How to Reclaim Mis-Sold PPI from HFC Bank?

Some online moneylenders such as the HFC were in fact granted a small extension in time in order to properly deal with the thousands of people who are claiming against the company. They claim on the website to deal with all customer complaints within 16 weeks which is of course a week extension from the normal eight week period.

They promised to review your case as quickly as possible, firstly, you must start off by digging out your monthly statements or agreement plan which will have the PPI charge printed on it. This is basically hardcopy evidence and without it you have no proof of claim against HFC bank. Once again you will be required to fill out a questionnaire can download and save to your computer, take your time and read everything carefully that way you can be sure you are fully prepared and have everything written down to give you the best chance of winning your claim and getting the money deposited in your bank account as quickly as possible.

You can use a claims management company if you wish, most of them are pretty successful in claiming back lost money that is owed to UK customers. They will charge you for their services which is normally on a no win no fee basis, in any case you do not even have to use is companies if you would like to claim the full amount. There is plenty of information online about how best to claim back money from loan providers such as HFC bank.

We have included full contact details of the HFC bank Ltd which is displayed under the photograph at the top of this webpage, you can write to them if you wish but to save yourself time you’re better off downloading the online questionnaire in order for them to process your claim. If you’re not happy with the service they are providing or dispute the amount they have awarded to you can get in touch with the financial ombudsman service website.