Lloyds TSB PPI Claims

The Lloyds banking group is the biggest in the UK consisting of the Black Horse, Cardnet, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Wholesale banking, Scottish Widows and Lloyds share dealing. You may be looking to find out if you can start a Lloyds TSB PPI claim where the banke has admitted it mis-sold payment protection insurance policies to thousands of customers in the UK.

The company no longer sells PPI, this was implemented in July 2010 due to all the fuss concerning mis-sold PPI policies and there is a dedicated web page on the Lloyds TSB official website with the full contact address and premium rate 0845 number published.

Lloyds TSB PPI ClaimsNot only do Lloyds provide personal and business banking services but also mortgages, loans and credit card services and this is where the mis-sold PPI relates to. You will need to check your own documentation because Lloyds are one of the biggest service providers in the financial sector, as it stands today they offer over six different types of credit cards including Duo Avios, Platinum Credit Card, Advance Credit Card, Student Credit Card and the Lloyds TSB credit card.

As far as mortgages are concerned, you may be able to claim back mis-sold PPI relating to a fixed rate mortgage or tracker mortgage. If you think you were mis-sold PPI from a Lloyds TSB service representative then you should start the process immediately and the first action required is to locate hard proof that you were mis-sold a payment protection insurance policy because without this you could not pursue your Lloyds TSB PPI claim.

How to Claim PPI from Lloyds TSB?

Once you have hard proof that you were paying extra PPI on top of a loan, credit card or mortgage provided by Lloyds and are sure that you did not even know about this or felt obliged to take out this extra payment because you are pressurised in doing so then you have fair grounds to claim compensation back from Lloyds.

This banking company seems to be taking all claims very seriously, UK customers have several different options open to them in claiming back compensation money owing to them from Lloyds bank. You can either get in touch with Lloyds TSB directly, the full postal address and contact details for their PPI complaints department are included on this webpage.

You will of course have to fill in some documentation which is in the form of a PPI questionnaire, this is simply a standard template that all banks and building societies use to process PPI complaints against them.

They are required by law to respond to your claim within eight weeks of receiving your complaint, due to the backlog you may have to wait a little bit longer than this that you have the weight of UK law on your side and if any stage you are unhappy with the response that you are getting then you can of course get in touch with the FSO who can speed up the process for you or advise you on the best course of action to take.

Many people use a claims management company that is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. Lloyds TSB do not advise anybody using a CMC as they claim your case will be processed just as quick if you carry out a DIY PPI claim yourself. In the end this choice is up to you, one thing is certain and that is Lloyds have strict deadlines that they must keep and you can even claim compensation for any delays in both the decision of your claim and the time it takes for the money to claim into your bank account.