Lombard Direct PPI Claims

Lombard Direct do not currently issue loans to new customers. This company is now part of the Royal Bank Of Scotland group so if you are thinking of filing a Lombard Direct PPI claim then we have included the new address for you right here on this Lombard PPI informational  webpage.

Although Lombard Direct do not offer loans at this present time that do provide home and motor insurance services for UK customers and there is also information on their website regarding MasterCard customers who may have queries with their credit card account.

Lombard Direct PPILombard is a big UK financial service company that should deal with your PPI claim request in a professional manner so if you are one of the many thousands of people have been mis-sold payment protection insurance then you need to get in touch with the RBS who are now handling all of Lombard Direct’s PPI claims.

The Royal Bank Of Scotland have a dedicated claims team who deal with mis-sold PPI. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that your claim will be dealt with quickly as there are thousands of people who are trying to reclaim mis-sold PPI from Lombard. They do have official data on the website on the number of claims closed in percentage terms, in an eight week period there is a 50% chance or more that your claim to be dealt with.

How to Claim Back Lombard Direct PPI?

The first thing you should do is check your Lombard Direct paperwork, this will be the initial loan agreement that you took out with the company, it could be a monthly statement or any other type of official documentation which will have the details of extra payments that would be charged to your account in relation to payment protection insurance.

This extra monthly charge combined with a number of months your loan was taken out for is the basic composition of the amount of compensation that you are legible to reclaim back. Once you have proof of these extra payments need to ask yourself this question “Did Lombard Direct fully explained to me the extra charge PPI?”. Even if you were aware of this extra charge they could have applied extra pressure on you or even sold the PPI to you without you actually leaving it. If you were self-employed for example, then this PPI policy with Lombard Direct is worthless anyway and they simply would not pay out compensation if you are unable to work.

There are many reasons that this company could be at fault, as long as you have proof that you were mis-sold PPI you have a very good chance of claiming back compensation and it is then your choice whether to download a DIY PPI questionnaire from RBS or to use a claims management company you can get in touch with Lombard Direct for you.

There are required by law to deal with your case within a few weeks and if you’re not happy with the final judgement can of course appeal. Any time delays can also be appealed for financial claim, in short, if they do not deal with your case within a certain amount of time you can claim compensation and extra money on top of the PPI claim. This measure was brought in because banks, mortgage lenders and is credit card operators were not dealing with cases quick enough.