The MBNA credit card is provided by an American financial service company which was founded in 1982. The company is the largest credit card lender that is independently owned and offers a whole range of credit cards to UK customers. MBNA PPI claims can be associated with platinum credit cards, life credit cards, football credit cards, charity credit cards and any other type of personal credit card that MBNA issued with PPI attached.

You can directly log on to the MBNA.co.uk official website for further information relating to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, there is a procedure you must follow in order for your claim to be registered with the company. There is a customer advocate office and we have included the address on this webpage, you will need to download the online questionnaire which is in PDF format.

MBNA PPI ClaimsThe questionnaire is eight pages long and you’ll have to enter such information as whether you were employed or self-employed, a temporary or agency worker, whether you are retired, student and even whether you are a director of your company. The questionnaire is the same as the Financial Ombudsman Service online document and the best thing to do is to read the document carefully before filling in any information if you are unsure on what to enter in any of the boxes then you can search online to see what other people have entered, alternatively you can get in touch with FOS direct and they can advise you on the best way to proceed with your PPI claim against MBNA.

If you would like to claim direct in order to receive the full amount then you should visit the websites of the MBNA and read the detailed FAQ on PPI complaints in relation to the credit card service that they offered. If you write to them directly without filling out the online questionnaire that this simply slows down the whole process you can of course look to hire a claims management company who will fight your MBNA PPI claim for you, although this will take the hassle away you must consider this very carefully as they are likely to ask for an upfront fee and even the no win no fee CMC will take a hefty commission on the final lump sum owed to you from the MBNA.

Claiming Back PPI from MBNA

If you would like to find out how long it takes for the MBNA to respond to your initial complaint then the answer is 56 days. If you are waiting longer than this then you can either call them directly or if you are unhappy and feel like they are fobbing you off with unnecessary delays then you can take your case to the FOS who have the power under UK government law to speed up your claim request against MBNA credit cards.

Although there seems to be plenty of instances where people successfully reclaim mis-sold PPI from MNBA you need to keep your eye on the ball, taking note of all the times and dates that you submitted information to MBNA. They are required by law to respond to your case within eight weeks, hopefully will receive the amount owed to you plus any compensation amount in regards to any delays that you have encountered during the claim process with MBNA.