Mint Credit Card PPI

Mint Credit Card PPI

Updated guide for Mint Credit Card PPI claims 2018: Did you know that Mint credit cards was a sub-division of the Royal Bank Of Scotland. This company is no longer in business and provided credit card and other services to UK customers.

To maximise your success rate in reclaiming back compensation view our guide below. It contains vital information on the purchase protection reclaim procedure.

But towards the end of 2012 they were no longer taking on any new business. For people that are searching for Mint credit card PPI claims it seems to be very difficult to locate an official address where you can write or email Mint.

Fortunately, we have been able to supply you with the official Mint credit cards PPI claims department contact address. You can get in touch with the company in order to start your compensation procedure. Don’t worry, you still have time to beat the deadline.

After checking the paperwork which contains the PPI additional payment which can be found on your monthly statements or the initial loan application from Mint. You then can start to carefully plan the best way forward in order to reclaim mis-sold Mint PPI.

There are consumer group forums on the internet that do offer some advice on how to claim back mis-sold PPI payments.

And the general consensus is that after you have written proof you should then download the online form where you can enter all the relevant details relating to your own personal case.

If you require any extra help with your claim against Mint credit cards then you can visit the FOS which is the U.K.’s own financial ombudsman who can point you in the right direction.

How to Claim PPI from Mint Credit Card usage

We have included the full postal address on this webpage of Mint credit cards. You should write to this address with the completed online form. Remember to write down and document the dates and times of correspondence between you and Mint credit cards.

After all this evidence may well be called upon by the FSO. If you feel that your case is not being taken seriously by Mint they have ultimate power.

Mint Credit Card PPI Claim Address:

  • PPI Customer Concerns Team
  • 5th Floor
  • 1 Hardman Boulevard
  • Manchester, M3 3AQ

You should also attach a covering letter describing exactly why you were mis-sold PPI. This could be for a variety of reasons including extra pressure being applied to, not evening knowing that you were charged PPI or even that you are self-employed and PPI not relevant in your circumstance.

Once sending off a covering letter and completed the online form; you should hear back from Mint within eight weeks. This is the maximum amount of time they are allowed to respond to your case.

If you are waiting more than eight weeks then you should take your case to the FOS. They have the financial clout and UK legality behind them in order to pursue your case for you.

Thankfully, for the consumer there is now strict UK law concerning all mis-sold PPI and Mint credit cards are no different from any other financial service company. They must take your case seriously and respond to your claim in a fit and proper manner.

You may feel confused by all the forms and would rather not deal with this problem. Have somebody else claim for you against Mint, there are PPI claim companies that can do this for you.
Many claim to be a no-win no-fee operation. But nearly all will deduct a hefty amount from the final sum owing to you.