Nationwide PPI Claims

The Nationwide building society is the third largest provider in the UK and the second largest personal savings provider. The company currently provides current accounts, savings accounts, ISA’s, investment bonds, loans, credit cards, mortgages and insurance. Nationwide PPI claims are directed at three products which include mortgage cover, personal loan cover and credit card cover.

The Nationwide has one of the best PPI information webpages detailing the complete PPI procedure that their customers must follow in order to start claiming back mis-sold PPI from the Nationwide building society. Credit card PPI was sold from 1998 right up until late 2007, for personal loans the product was called loancare and this was sold up to March 2009.

Nationwide PPI ClaimsWhen it comes to mortgages, payment protection insurance was sold from July 1987 and the Nationwide has stopped selling PPI. If you have taken out a mortgage, loan or credit card with the Nationwide and think you might have been sold PPI then check the dates above and if this ties in with your own personal documentation then you probably have a very good chance of claiming back PPI compensation from the Nationwide Building Society.

How to Check if I was Mis-Sold PPI from Nationwide?

The first thing you should do is look for any evidence on your documentation that you are paying extra payments which relate to PPI. This will be displayed on your monthly statements or hardcopy agreements that were signed when you first took out a loan, credit card or mortgage.

Once you have this proof you then must complete the online enquiry form at the Nationwide complaints webpage. You can always bypass this and go directly to the online questionnaire which is in PDF format we have included the written contact address of the Nationwide Building Society where you must send off this questionnaire.

For multiple complaints you will need to fill out individual claim requests and although this is a frustrating process you can always use a claims company to do this for you, many UK consumers use a claims management company if they feel uneasy about making claims for themselves or simply do not have the time to perform a DIY PPI claim against the Nationwide Building Society.

You will receive a letter in the post within 10 days acknowledging your claim request, after this the investigation will begin into your PPI claim against the Nationwide. The claims on the website that you should receive a decision within 28 days and if you are successful in your Nationwide PPI claim the last stage of the process is a final response letter which will be the final lump sum amount payable to you which is the compensation that you are entitled to.

If there are any delays or you feel that the process is not being handled in a professional way then you must get in contact with the FSO who have dealt with thousands of cases just like yours and they will be able to instruct you and enforce UK law in regards to your PPI claim against the Nationwide.

Making a claim can sometimes be slow and frustrating, the end result certainly worth it is most people are very successful in making a Nationwide PPI claim.