PPI Claims Letter Template

It can be difficult for some people to plan ahead when it comes to claiming payment protection insurance, if you decide to perform the claim yourself which is called a DIY PPI claim then you must prepare and write the first point of contact letter which is addressed to the bank, building society or finance provider wish to claim against.

There are some very good PPI templates you can use which can be downloaded free online, in this article you will learn how to properly prepare your letter including the most important areas of information you must include in order for your claim to have the best chance of being successful.

1. As with any important letter make sure you have your name and address or typed on the right-hand side of the top, this is followed by the date should be directly underneath.

2. Below your name, address and date you should write the name and address of the company you are claiming against, this is written on the left-hand side of the paper if you are unsure of where you should be writing to please check the list of PPI companies on this website. We have included the full postal address of each company.
Step two concludes with the policy number or credit card number relating to the mis-sold PPI, this is of vital importance and will act as a reference point for your claim.

3. You then start your letter with “Dear Sirs,” and then proceed to the next step which is the actual wording of your PPI letter.

4. The opening paragraph should be polite but direct to the point and should be along the lines of: “I have purchased a repayment plan from you on (insert date here) and it is my belief that this policy was mis-sold and would like to claim back the premiums. I wish to content the mis-selling of payment protection insurance because of the following:”

5. You then need to choose at least one of the below sentences which applies to your personal circumstance, this will be the main argument of your claim.

PPI Template Letter

You then conclude your letter with the closing statement which should include why it was impossible for you to claim after the date and also if you have already been turned down then you quote the FSA ruling which relates to 20th of April 2011 judgement of the High Court throwing out the finance industry legal attempt to overturn the FSA PPI claims procedure.

The final paragraph of your ppi claims letter should be firm but polite stating that you now wish to contend this mis-sold policy and your intention to claim back all the premiums along with any interest that you are entitled to which may even be as much as 8%. You should always finish your letter by requesting a reply quickly as possible and show this company you mean business by quoting the FSA ruling which relates to an eight week period where they have to reply back to your request.

You can then send your letter by signing off with “Yours Faithfully”, and then sign your name with the printed version underneath, it is recommended you send your letter by recorded post.